Why you should choose AlarabiyaMarkets

AlarabiyaMarkets is one of the largest companies in the field of trading and investment, providing financial management services, portfolio management and contracts. Alarabiya-Markets has expertise in many financial markets such as the Forex market, the stock market, the commodities market, the metal market, and other popular trading markets that investors always want to invest in.

AlarabiyaMarkets is a company licensed by British regulators as well as other jurisdictions around the world.

AlarabiyaMarkets platform has won many awards, including Best Online Forex Trading Middle East, and offers many simple trading methods that are easy to use.

AlarabiyaMarkets is characterized by its transparent prices. We provide fixed and mobile spreads. In addition to you, there are no hidden commissions and we do not use the margin call system.

We also provide our clients with an easy-to-use trading platform that is available to us using a single account from your computer, mobile or tablet to your needs.

Features of AlarabiyaMarkets

AlarabiyaMarkets provides services to more than 100,000 customers in 87 countries around the world. We are always committed to strict compliance with regulations and legislation, which strongly affirms that we place the security and security of our clients’ money and protect our clients and investments as our primary concern. We commit ourselves to create for all our customers a safe and reliable trading environment and our unique points:

International Control:

AlarabiyaMarkets is controlled by the International Financial Services Authority (FCA). We have the confidence of traders around the world where their money is separated into separate bank accounts, giving them peace of mind and peace of mind.

Separation of funds:

Client funds are fully separated from the operating funds of the company and are kept in the largest banks in the European Union. AlarabiyaMarkets will never use customer funds in its operations or in any other investments, ensuring their protection at all times.

Partnerships with banks:

AlarabiyaMarkets held partnerships with several banks. Please refer to the Deposit and withdrawal page for more detailed information.

Methods of encryption:

AlarabiyaMarkets uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure the safe connection of all communications with our customers and to protect customers while conducting transactions with the Company and to maintain the confidentiality of all customer information.

User authentication policies and server authentication, ensuring that data is sent to the terminal and server of the intended client alone.

Data transfer is encrypted in order to prevent data theft and unauthorized access by third parties.

To maintain data integrity and ensure that all data are not changed during transport, we have a sound financial situation and transparent information practices

Educational effort:

Be sure that we have allocated the necessary resources to raise the economic awareness of our customers in accordance with our customers’ modern and renewable investment environment.

Technical Analysis Resources:

Alarabiya-Markets technical experts specialize in the analysis and analysis of graphs based on the classic indicators, as well as the self-developed and applied development strategies that have been successful and unquestionable.